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Zeiss Z.1 lightsheet microscope

•Laser lines: 405, 488, 515, 561, 638nm. •Dual sCMOS cameras for simultaneous acquisition of two channels •Multi-angle acquisitions can be combined resulting in isotropic z resolution •Zoom 0.36-2.5x •5x, 5x clearing, 10x, 20x W, 20x clearing, 63x W •Peltier heated and cooled stage for live imaging •Chamber can accommodate samples of up to 7x7x7mm

The LS_Z1 is a lightsheet microscope is flat out the fastest microscope in the facility for collecting clear 3d images.  Since the light sheet only illuminates the focal plane of the imaging objective, not out of focus light is produced and phototoxicity/photobleaching are vastly reduced. The LS_Z1 is excellent for small organism imaging (zebrafish larvae, fly embryos, etc.) and anything that requires speed i.e., calcium imaging. The LS_Z1 also supports imaging of cleared specimens, making it a great way to image brains or other cleared tissues.  Mounting samples for the light sheet microscope is quite different from other systems, requiring suspension of the sample in a liquid filled chamber.
Images are collected with a camera, making the Z.1 is 10-30x faster than a scanning confocal.  In addition, objects can be imaged from multiple angles which is not easily achieved with other microscope stages.

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