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Airy MP


Zeiss 980  Airyscan upright point scanning confocal with multi-photon

The upright Airy980_MP is an excellent choice for general confocal imaging with the additional benefits of an Airyscan detector and a multiphoton laser.  The Airyscan 2 detector provides sensitivity, speed and super-resolution (150nm xy and 400nm Z). The Multiphoton laser allows deeper imaging. The Airy980_MP is an extremely flexible system that is excellent for imaging a wide variety of live and fixed specimens.

•Laser lines: 405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 594, 639 and 690-1040nm multiphoton lasers •Detectors: Airyscan2, 32 Channel GaAsP, two PMTs, transmitted PMT, reflected, non-descanned two channel GaAsP and transmitted, two channel non-descanned GaAsP. •Objectives: 10 W, 20x W, 25x multi immersion water, silicone, glycerol and oil, 63x oil •Photostimulation/ablation capable •Spectral imaging •Image up to 10x faster with 8y Airyscan mulitiplex mode. •Incubator and CO2 for live cell imaging. •Second harmonic imaging

Microscopy image
Microscopy image
Microscopy image
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