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Nikon Sora super-resolution spinning disc confocal microscope

For live imaging where speed and gentleness are required, the SoRa spinning disc confocal microscope is an excellent option. Unlike a point scanning confocal, the SoRa spinning disc illuminates multiple points simultaneously and is a camera based system for fast acquisition.  The SoRa is capable of working in two spinning disc modes: normal, and SoRa super-resolution mode. In super-resolution mode, resolution is improved approximately 1.4x (150 xy and 320 Z).

•Laser lines: 355, 405, 445, 488, 515, 594, 561, 638nm •Dual sCMOS cameras •Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x oil, 60x oil, 100x Oil, 20x W, 40x W, 60x W, 25x Sil, 40x Sil, 100x Sil, •Nikon Elements with JOBS and Ai modules •Incubator and CO2--capable of both heating and cooling. •DIC optics •CoolLED light source •Okolab incubator with heating and cooling plus CO2 •Photoablation/photostimulation •Silicone objectives allowing users to image deeper in tissue than other immersion objectives. •Nikon Elements software includes Jobs module allowing complex acquisition programming •Large field of view--25mm diagonal

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