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Please contact us to have access to the booking calendar.

To book the training, please select the 'Training' box, your name will appear in red. Please let us know in advance. If you need further help, please check the ‘Request help' box when you book. Your name will then appear in green. Help is available between 10:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday.

When you are confident with the system, we can give you out-of-office access.

You can use the 'Alert' button to get a notification email if there is a cancellation.
If you no longer require your session, please cancel it as soon as possible.


How to book a system

Unsure which microscope you need?

You can see our systems in"Equipment" or contact us to have a consultation.

All new users are required to undergo a training session at a cost of £150.00. This fee applies to training on microscopes and scanners, but not software usage. Subsequent assistance and/or training on other systems is free.


Confocal and Lightsheet Microscopes

•    Biosciences: £20.00 per hour

•    Non-Biosciences: £28.00 per hour

•    Overnight between 18:00 and 09:00: £10.00 per hour (must be a minimum of eight hours' usage)

Raman Microscopes

•    £15 per hour


•    ImageXpress Micro XL High Content Screening System: £10.00 per hour

•    ImageXpress MSB High Content Screening System: £26.00 per hour

•    Overnight: £7.00 per hour (must be between 18:00 - 09:00)

•    Zeiss AxioScan Z1: £1.00 per slide for bright-field slides. £2.50 per slide for fluorescent samples. Starting August 2024 Axioscan prices will be £15 per hour


Image Processing Software

•    Huygens: £15.00 per half day

•    Imaris: £15.00 per half day

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