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Nikon AX R NSPARC inverted point scanning confocal microscope

The Nikon_AXR  is confocal microscope capable of super-resolution imaging. The NSPARC  array detector--much like the Airyscan detector--collects more light enabling super-resolution imaging (100nm XY and 300nm in Z). In addition, the resonant scanner allows for fast acquisition with minimal phototoxicity. Finally, with a wide range of silicon objectives and seven laser lines, including near infrared, the Nikon_AXR is a powerful microscope for live imaging and any user requiring super-resolution.

•Laser lines: 405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 640, 730nm laser lines •Detectors: NSPARC, Ex Red NIR GaAsP, 3 GaAsP PMTs, 1 multi-alkali PMT, transmitted PMT •Objectives:4x 10x, 20x, 20x W, 25x sil, 40x sil, 40x W, 40x oil, 60x sil, 60x oil,60x W, 100x sil, 100x oil •Perfect focus system to prevent z-drift •Capable of Photostimulation •Incubator and CO2--capable of both heating and cooling. •Near infrared imaging (730nm laser and NIR detector) •resonant scanner which allows video rate imaging •DIC optics •Silicone objectives allowing users to image deeper in tissue than other immersion objectives. •Nikon Elements software includes Jobs module allowing complex acquisition programming •Artificial intelligence enhanced acquisition and analysis features: denoising as well as autosignal •Large field of view--25mm diagonal

7days_TOH_a_actin_AX_Galvo_line_2050 - Deconvolved 9 iterations, Type Blind-MaxIP.jpg
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