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Bruker SkyScan 1172 Desktop microCT scanner

The Bruker_CT_Scanner is an X-ray micro computed tomography scanner which produces 3D images of both internal and external features of a wide range of sample types. It can scan samples as small as 100µm and as large as 60mm diameter x 90mm high. The Bruker_CT_Scanner has a 100kV x-ray which is suitable for soft biological tissues, minerals and a limited range in metals. Examples of samples scanned: teeth, bone, achaoleogical artifacts such as pot sherds, pharmaceutical devices, rocks and minerals, fossils, engineering samples, zebrafish, plants etc.

•Resolution down to 1µm •Detector: 11 Megapixel CCD-camera (4000X2300) •Pixel size at maximum magnification: 0.7µm to 25µm •50mm field of view •Thermal drift correction •5 filters for beam hardening compensation

scan image
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